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Considering new wood storm windows for your home?

Many of the older homes in the Philadelphia area have single-pane windows which have a tendency to leak air and allow for condensation to accumulate.  Here are some of the reasons why we recommend you add vintage style, wood storm windows to your home:

Preserve the look of your home

Victorian East’s wood storm windows are designed to enhance the look of pre 1950’s homes, but have screen and storm panels which are removable from the interior.  Most traditional homes were designed to have storm windows protecting their windows and adding insulation benefits. Storm windows will take the brunt of all weather and keep your windows looking good for many years to come. If you have wood muntins or leaded glass with panes in your existing windows, storm windows will make it easier to keep your glass clean.

Preserve your windows

Our storm windows are mounted to the exterior of your home. They protect the glass and wood components of your existing windows and will make them last for many years to come.

Added Insulation

Storm windows add a second layer of glass to the exterior of your windows. This provides an air space that reduces energy loss. Storm windows also fit snuggly against your trim which helps prevent air infiltration. Although calculations regarding how much energy a storm window can save varies from home to home, homeowners who have had storm windows installed for them say they notice a serious difference in the warmth of their homes.

Added Security

Storm windows that are installed over existing double hungs can be locked. We also offer laminated glass which is more difficult to break than standard glass. This provides an extra layer of protection to your home.


Storm windows that are mounted over double hung windows have the option of operating hardware. The operating hardware allows the storm window to be opened from the bottom. The storm windows can also be easily removed for cleaning from the exterior. For casement windows we attach the storm window to your existing window so it opens along with the existing window.

Sound Reduction

Storm windows create a dead airspace between them and the existing windows. This dead airspace helps reduce sound transmittance. We also offer laminated glass in our storm windows which reduces sound transmittance more than standard glass.

Reduced Ultraviolet Rays

Low-E storm windows – storm windows with low-e glass can reduce ultraviolet rays and solar heat gain. We use a hard coat low-e that is baked into the glass and durable enough to be cleaned. We also can use laminated glass which almost eliminate ultraviolet rays which cause fading to furniture,rugs, and artwork.

Can you spot the storm windows?
Of course not, they are meant to be invisible!
A recent project - reconditioned sash with new storm windows.
vintage wooden storm windows
Our windows are built to match the distinctive design of your architecture.
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