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All doors are made from kiln dried white or ponderosa pine. Side and top rails are 3 1/2″ and bottom rail is 7 1/2″ on most doors. All doors are built using blind mortise and tenon construction methods and are glued with a strong exterior. The lock rail height is adjusted to match the entry door behind it.

Storm Panel Inserts

All screens, tempered safety glass and plexiglass panels use a 3/8″ thick aluminum frame available in white, brown, black or natural aluminum colors. Tempered glass panels are optional. Cost is an additional $25.00 per panel. Inserts are changed by turning small retaining clips and lifting out the panel.


All doors are finished as per customer’s request. If the door is to be painted, we will prime the door with a good grade exterior primer for $25. Other finishes such as staining, urethane and custom painting are extra.

Custom Designs

Custom designs are no problem. We can take a strong architectural feature from your home, like a bracket on your front porch, and incorporate it into the door. You can also design your own or take a picture of a door you saw somewhere else. Round and diamond tops are also available. The possibilities are endless. Prices may vary.

Oversized Doors

Doors can be made in any size. Doors over 81″ high or 36″ wide are considered oversized. Due to the extra materials involved in making an oversized door, $8 per inch will be charged and $85/hr labor.

Double Doors

Double doors can be made in any size, shape or style in any type of wood.


Any modifications needed to install the door, or any improvements made to the door opening, will be billed at the rate of $65.00 per hour.

Adding a door stop………..$26.00
Door Sweep…………………..$9.00
Third Brass Hinge…………$12.00
Second Door Closer……..$15.00


We can take your order by phone or fax. You can also arrange for a visit by one of our sales personnel, if you are in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. They can assist you in picking the right style door for your home and take accurate door measurements at no charge. 6.625% sales tax may apply.


Victoriana East will deliver doors in the Philadelphia area for $25.00 to $75.00. We will ship doors anywhere in the contiguous United States via FedEx.. Prices vary with locale and shipment site. You will be billed our actual shipping cost. Allow 3 to 7 days from delivery.

How to Measure Your Door

Measure the actual opening in which the door will be installed.

Measure the width three times – once across the top, once in the middle, and then measure the bottom of the opening.

Then measure the height twice along each side of the door.

In each case, please send us the largest measurement.

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